Melvins Reveal Albums They Will Be Playing at Their Spaceland Residency (EXCLUSIVE)

A short while ago, Spaceland Productions announced that local indie demigods The Melvins will be playing a Friday residency during January 2011 at the Silver Lake club formerly known as "Spaceland," and currently becoming "The Satellite." There's been a lot of speculation as what Buzzo & Co. will be playing during their residency. Well, we've just received confirmation from the Spaceland folk: here are the "themes" for each Friday:

First show (1/7) is:

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Melvins set.

(Colossus of Destiny)

Lysol record

Eggnog record...

Second show (1/14):

Melvins 1983.

Melvins set.

Houdini record.

Third show (1/21):

Melvins Lite.

Melvins set.

Bullhead record.

Fourth show (1/28)

Melvins set.

Stoner Witch record.


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