LMFAO's Sky Blu Gets Into Beef with Mitt Romney On Flight, Gets the Boot

It should come as no surprise that the rap duo LMFAO has no idea who Mitt Romney is; they're most certainly not the most enlightened, or well-read, pop stars. To them, he's not the straight-laced right wing former presidential candidate, but someone who on a flight from Vancouver to LA on Monday, grabbed LMFAO's Blu by the shoulder prior to take-off, causing a reaction that got the "rapper" (we use that word generously) kicked off the flight and resulted in a headline on the Boston Globe's website that read: "Romney Attacked on Flight from Vancouver."

According to the Globe:

Romney, 62, reportedly asked the passenger sitting in front of his wife to raise his seat during takeoff after the passenger had reclined his seat. The man allegedly became violent and took a swing at the former 2008 presidential hopeful.

A Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail, first reported the story, saying that Romney was "physically threatened" by a passenger.

LMFAO's Sky Blu Gets Into Beef with Mitt Romney On Flight, Gets the Boot

"Gov. Romney did not retaliate, but instead allowed the airline crew to respond to the incident," Fehrnstrom said in a statement to the Globe.

In the video below, Sky Blu offers his take on the situation. He was chilling in his seat when Romney, who was sitting behind him with wife, loudly and aggressively demanded that Blu push his seat back up. When that didn't work, Romney attempted to get the rapper's attention another way:

"He put a condor grip on me," says Sky Blu.

Well, here, look at Blu's side of the story after the jump:

For the first time since LMFAO arrived on the scene, we're going to defend them on this one. Sounds like Romney's a little uptight, though as the website Gawker suggests, it's certainly lame to push the seat back (and illegal) prior to take-off.

Sky Blu, in fact, is surprising circumspect in his ultimate reaction: "I have no hard feelings toward him. I'm sure he's a good dude." And we never thought we'd use the words Sky Blu and circumspect in the same sentence.

via Gawker


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