ScarJo meets SteeTray
ScarJo meets SteeTray

Listen: Scarlett Johansson Covers 'Bullet' By Jersey Folk-Rockers Steel Train

We suppose the shock value's faded, since ScarJo has already proved she's a rocker. Or at least, that she aims to be one.

Within a year of her unexpected debut album, a collection of Tom Waits covers called Anywhere I Lay My Head, she teamed up with singer-songwriter Pete Yorn for the Break Up LP.

Now, Johansson's part of a star-studded lineup of artists that appears on Steel Train's Terrible Thrills, Vol. 1, an all-guest remake of the band's just out new record, Steel Train.

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The Jersey band was for several years the chattel of SoCal's Drive Thru Records, a label which rose to fame hosting ska and pop-punk, but perhaps owing to some controversy over business practices, all of its core artists -- including Rx Bandits, New Found Glory, and Dashboard Confessional -- have vacated.

Steel Train is among the more freshly liberated, and both of their new releases come via a self-run indie, Terrible Thrills. The album of that name also includes appearances by Tegan & Sara, Amanda Palmer, and actress Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, The Runaways).

DOWNLOAD: Scarlett Johansson - "Bullet" (Steel Train cover) [MP3]

The original, performed on Letterman:


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