Louie Vega
Louie Vega

LinA in LA: Top DJ & Dance Club Picks for this Weekend (& Beyond)

She can deny it all she wants, but anyone with eyes and ears can see Lady Gaga does rip off -eh, find heavy inspiration from- Madonna, musically and stylistically. Madonna ripped off '70's disco divas, NYC club kids, and gay nightlife looks and moves (Vogue?). The club kids ripped off Warhol and the voguers ripped off fashion runways... So what? Creativity has always been cultivated in inspiration and even copycating, and whether we're talking pop music, rock n' roll, fashion or club culture, the best artists, promoters, DJs and producers are the ones who reinterpret and reinvent what's already been done in unique, fresh ways. This week, themed clubbin in LA represents this cyclical celebration of old meets new, from Gaga and disco-themed drag-a-thons to house music haps (featuring seminal figures of the genre: Louie Vega in pic) to mod mashers.

Fri., April 29

The Boulet Brothers (Miss Kitty's Parlour) bring out the painted claws for a new party called Dirty Little Secret. Billed as a "pansexual dance fantasy" DLS will be held at a different venue and with a different theme each month. For the kick-off, it's all about confessing kinks and quirks (guest host Lenora Claire will give free drinkees to the most revealing) and getting 'em out on the dance floor to DJ Victor Rodriguez and inside amateur photo & video booths. This month at El Cid, 4212 W Sunset Blvd.


Club Bang!'s Jason Lavitt & Joseph Brooks offer a flashback experience this week, conjuring the excess of their '90's bacchanal Club Makeup with a contemporary twist: the infamous glam slam's re-vamped band Tranzkuntinental will perform a tribute to La Gaga. DJs spin new and old indie and pop before and after. Sure to be a monster night. At Boardner's, 1652 N Cherokee, Hlwyd. www.clubbang.net

Sat., April 30

Another LA club of yore makes a big one-off return, joining forces with an equally formidable NY party: Dance Ritual Gets Deep. Marque Wyatt's house music shaker Deep will stomp familiar ground -the Vanguard- and the addition of Dance Ritual, (started by Louie Vega and Joe Claussell) should make for a true "meeting of the tribes, " sure to go down with the sweatiest and raging-est events ever at the venue. Line-up for the eve includes Grammy Award Winning producer Vega accompanied by Papo Swing on live percussion along with Deep creator Wyatt and supporters DJ Ala (San Diego's Dive) and DJ Senbad (Phoenix's Solstice). At Vanguard, 6021 Hollywood Blvd. Hlywd. www.DEEP-LA.com

Mote drag debauchery takes place Saturday, as San Fran's funkiest, most flamboyant queen, Juanita More, lives up to her name for a return to Mother, a bodacious bootie shaker from Jasten King (Headphone Boylesque Cabaret) and Phyliss Navidad (PoptArt Gallery). Here's hoping she brings the disco drenched magic she did at the last PoptArt event to Chinatown. Also with aforementioned DJ dynamo Victor Rodriguez and Trident on the turntables. The Grand Star Jazz Club, 949 Broadway. Facebook invite- https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=124358367641756.

At midnight on Saturday, it will officially be Mods Mayday, when one of the coolest music fan communities we know celebrates the style and sounds of Mod-dom: scooters, spiffy, mostly '60's flaired fashion, and a fervent love of band buttons and badges. Of course, being "mod" is about the music more than the style, and in LA, promoter Rich Sihilling, has been providing some of the best for his annual Mayday events, both on the decks and live on stage. This year, he's got another strong line-up: The Odd Squad, '60's garage rockers featuring former members of The Fuzztones, Beat Killers and Lords of Altamont and The Woolly Bandits, girl-led garage that's wild good. DJs Tony The Tyger, Dan Electro, Soulshaker and Mike Burns spinning Garage, Soul, Psych, PowerPop and of course mod sounds. At Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, 6122 W. Sunset Blvd. (in the Gower Gulch). http://maydaycountdown.eventbrite.com

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