Lil B "Bill Bellamy" Video: Watch Because It Is "DOPE!PLUS FUN"

Lil B "Bill Bellamy" Video: Watch Because It Is "DOPE!PLUS FUN"

We want to live as Lil B for just one day- any longer and we're not sure reentry into the real world would be possible.

Dropping an album called I'm Gay (which is, to the surprise of many a hater, pretty damn good) with absolutely no fanfare at all, sending Tweets of peace and love (like, "SHOUT OUT TO THE ASAIN GIRLS - Lil B") to his 257,000 followers, and making videos that get 75 pages of YouTube comments in 8 hours- no wonder he always looks like he's having way fun that you are.

Add Bill Bellamy to the list of, um, historical figures/celebrities the Based God has compared himself to. "I got nine felonies, bitch I'm Bill Bellamy," he raps repeatedly as he bobs and cooks in a neon yellow t-shirt, and ...

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Oh, just watch it:


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