Pinata of love
Pinata of love
Dan Dreiling

LA Record Releases Valentine Box [MP3]

Valentines Day has come and gone, but don't cry into your teddy bear. Our friends at L.A. Record have whipped up their Valentines MixtapeBOX SET! Here's the scoop from LAR:

L.A. RECORD's Valentine's mixtape is so bursting with love we had to make it a box set. Each volume is like another relationship, and each new love comes in different parts as R&B, pop, folk, rock, and experimental. Some of it's funny and cheesy, but it's all an emotional rollercoaster--a celebration of heartbreak, sex, and the love of your dreams.

Just like that case of the herp you caught from a hooker at the Wigwam Motel, a mixtape lasts forever.

Happy VD Day.

Full Track listing after the jump:

Linked to as many of the bands as I could. If some are missing, I couldn't find them (note to missing bands, please leave your link in the comments, and perhaps contemplate a name chage) and for more info feel free to look here.


Sounds Like A Movie - These Palms

They Marry - Mi & L'Au

Wetter - Julian Shah-Taylor

To The Moon - Fort King

Valentines Mix 1 - The Pity Party

Tonight (Back To My Place) - Learning Music

Innuendos - howardAmb

Light Lost - Seasons

Modern Lust - Veil Veil Vanish

If I Get You That Surgery - Random Patterns

The Cat Scratches - Forest Of Tongue

I Fell - Sandra Sarra

Cheer Up Blue - Generous Alzir


Rememberer - Mikki and the Mauses

Popsiclecell - Tigerbitch

Your Book Of Everything - RF & Lili De La Mora

This Is A Breakup Song - Jennifer The Leopard

Happy V Day - 60 Watt Kid

Horseshoes - Broken Hearts Bamboozle Band

Zaika - Castledoor

Demo #1 - Cryptacize

Get It On Up - Amanda Jo Williams

Out From Under - VOICEsVOICEs

Mirror - Kordan

Cheesy Romantic Comedy - Former Ghosts

She Takes Pills - Crime


Hello Again - Stacy Clark

Spencer - Holy Rollerz

Barriers - Felt Drawings

Airlessness - Black Love

My Name Is Lion - The Morning Pages

Lovesick Remix 2 - Thavius Beck

From Me to the World - Extra

Valentine - Kevin Litrow

Candy O - The Present Moment

The Thousand Ship Armada - Jeff Albers

Perfectlove - Vaginals

Drag - The Terrapin

Candlestick Holder Or Oil Lamp - Claire Cronin

Secret Things - Seven Saturdays


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