Kid Infinity Unveils New Clip for " P.Y.C.O. (Put Your Clothes On!)"

Last Saturday night at the Downtown Independent movie theater, dirty-synth/electro/punk duo Kid Infinity debuted their new video for "P.Y.C.O.," their track with a message that we've all screamed at one time or another: "Put your clothes on!" The pair, who are a cross-platform creative entity working not only as musicians but as artists and screenwriters, gig most often at the Smell, and you can keep track of their comings and goings here. And if you haven't watched the clip yet: you HAVE to watch until the very end, as the party takes a turn for the worse -- and then another turn for the best. (There are explosions involved.) Kudos to producer Terence Liff, director Nick Kirsten; great D.P. and art direction by the visionaries at the Imps of Marge & Fletch. The next Kid Infinity gig will be with Batwings & Catwings at the Ace Hotel in Palm Spring on March 14.


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