Katy Perry Parody "California Dorks": In-N-Out Burgers, Mountain Dew, and Star Wars Toys

You may say Katy Perry's "California Gurls" video gives an unrealistic image of the Golden State. Most of us don't spend our days traipsing around a 3D version of the board game Candyland trading quips with a cupcake-suit wearing pimp and avoiding menacing gummy bears (most of us who know better than to mix our crack and our E, that is).

But worry not about this gross misrepresentation of Cali style: here comes Jason Munday with his response video and song, "California Dorks." In-n-Out, Disneyland, Star Wars (but of course), an actual, Snoop-less beach, an OG GameBoy (?!?), etc.:

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(via Billboard, who, like MTV, are pushing the not-that-great Katy Perry video hard.)


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