Pauly D's iconic hair.
Pauly D's iconic hair.

Jersey Shore's Pauly D, Worst DJ Ever, Makes $50,000 a Night Spinning

Worst DJ news ever.

While your favorite house jockey has been toiling behind the decks for years trying to make enough to pay her electricity bill, Jersey Shore's Pauly D is pulling down (wait for it ... ) $50,000 per gig.

So says the show's co-creator, SallyAnn Salsano, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

That's a lot of cheddar to cheesy play hip-hop and dance pop when your iPod could do a better job. But if you see video of Pauly in action, you know it's not about the music.

The girls can't seem to get enough of his spiky-Italian American good looks.

You can take some solace in knowing, however, that at $250,000 a gig, trance king Tiesto still makes five times as much as a TV star behind the decks.

Pauly D? Pauly D's nuts.


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