Infected Mushroom and Matisyahu Play Israel, Half a Million People Tune in Online

Last week, L.A.-based psy-trance duo Infected Mushroom performed in their native country, Israel, with Matisyahu joining the band for several tracks, including the hit "One Day." The concert was broadcast live on Ynet, where over 500,000 people tuned in to catch the show. If you were unable to watch the concert live, you can still catch it on Ynet.

Having seen Infected Mushroom live before, we're not surprised by the surge of online traffic caused by the broadcast. They're one of those bands that manages to fly under the mainstream radar while still accumulating a large and dedicated fan base. I can't even tell you how many times I heard people say things like, "We're going to get Infected tonight," while standing in an hour-plus line to get into a sold out gig a few years back.

Infected Mushroom plays the Palladium Saturday in support of their latest album, Legend of the Black Schwarma. They are scheduled to make their second appearance at Coachella in April.


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