Industrial-Strength Sound of the Crowd: Audience Footage of VNV Nation at Club Nokia

VNV Nation "Honour," live @ Club Nokia, 6/27/09. Video by MlleAlistar.

It took less than twenty-four hours for the cell phone videos of VNV Nation's Saturday night performance to pop up on YouTube, mostly single-song snippets of shaky footage with varying sound quality. What makes these videos interesting is the way the crowd almost steals the show from the band. You can see dancers moving in and out of the frame, heads bobbing up and down in a trance and arms flying into spastic clapping motions. You can also hear the crowd singing loudly to just about every song in the set.

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VNV Nation "Epicentre," live @ Club Nokia, 6/27/09. Video by darthcees1138

VNV Nation "Perpetual," live at Club Nokia, 6/27/09. Video by electroagent.

VNV Nation is a band for the nightlife. Locally, their music was popularized by clubs like Perversion, Das Bunker and Malediction Society and last weekend's Club Nokia gig resembled a late-'90s rave more than a rock show (we even spotted some glow-stick action on the dance floor).

VNV Nation "Beloved" live @ Club Nokia, 6/27/09. Video by MlleAlistar.

On a related note, War Tapes, the LA band who is opening for VNV Nation on this tour, is documenting their journey on YouTube. Check out some footage from backstage at Club Nokia.


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