Yes, we actually ate this stuff
Yes, we actually ate this stuff
Brittany Nelson

How Diplo Is Like Jack in the Box

Tonight, internationally known DJ, producer, butt appreciator and celebrated good looking person Diplo will play a set (along with Chromeo) in honor of Jack in the Box's new late night menu.


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While this unlikely pairing is surely a cash grab, it got us thinking about how much Diplo has in common with the new Jack in the Box menu items.

Both are kinda sleazy, but kinda good. Especially at two in the morning when you're pretty drunk. Let us explain:

The stacked burger
The stacked burger
Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box menu item: Stacked grilled cheese burger

Yes, this is both a grilled cheese and a cheesburger in the same damn sandwich. For only six bucks, you get your two favorite sammies stacked on top of each other, bookended by sourdough, and served along with the two of Jack's signature tacos and pile of fries (regular and curly). For the first five bites, it's really not bad.

Corresponding Diplo Output: The Mad Decent Block Party

Like the aforementioned sandwich, this event starts out all like 'Wooo this is crazy!" But much like eating meat stacked on top of cheese stacked on top of more cheese, hanging out in a parking lot all day while poppin' molly and watching Riff Raff can make one feel kind of scuzzy. Similarly, by the end you will quite likely find yourself alone, sitting in a pile of discarded wrappers with a desire to just sleep the whole thing off.

Loaded Nuggets
Loaded Nuggets
Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box menu item: Loaded Nuggets

These are your basic fast food nuggets fried perfectly crispy and then doused in two kinds of cheese, ranch sauce and bacon, because why the fuck not. This ungodly pile of cheese and meat actually tastes pretty good, if you can get over the questionable origins of the chicken. After the fourth or fifth nugget, though, your stomach kind of starts to revolt at amount of ranch it's getting pounded with, and one is forced to move on to the tacos.

Corresponding Diplo Output: "Express Yourself"

This Twitter fad was sort of funny, until our feed was taken over by Diplo retweeting pics of Midwestern women doing ass-out handstands all damn day. Unfollow.

Exploding Chicken Sandwich
Exploding Chicken Sandwich
Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box menu item: Exploding Cheesy Chicken

This sandwich -- a fried chicken breast, lettuce, "gooey" white cheese and some fried cheese sticks -- is just a whole lot of fried foods assaulting your gullet. While an ambitious premise, there are way too many things going between the bun.

Corresponding Diplo Output: "Bubble Butt"

With layers of woozy beats, a 2 Chainz cameo and lyrical content focusing on big damn booties, this 2013 jam by Diplo's dance hall project Major Lazer (who put on one of the most epic sets we've ever been to at this year's EDC), is also total overload that leaves us feeling sort of flat (so to speak). And is that Bruno Mars doing the hook? We are overwhelmed.

The Brunch Burger
The Brunch Burger
Photo courtesy of Jack in the Box

The menu item: The Brunch Burger

This breakfast burger thing is a surprisingly sophisticated (it involves a croissant) mishmash of fast-foodized breakfast items including hashbrowns, bacon, cheese, a fried egg plus a hamburger patty, because, again, what the hell why not. Of the whole late night menu, this is the one we'd return for.

Corresponding Diplo Output: The "got stoned and mixed really old records for half an hour" mix

Diplo quietly put this mix up on Soundcloud a year ago, simultaneously creating a blogosphere frenzy and demonstrating that for all of his social media douchebaggery ("Rt if your ready to have half white babies with me"), he has really good taste in music. This softer side of Diplo lo-fi melange reminds us why, despite our better judgment, we still have a crush on this guy.

Diplo and Chromeo play the Nokia Theatre tonight.

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