Host An Indie-Folk Hoedown in Your Kitchen!

An immensely talented trio of local Southern-tinged acts are looking for a place to play on Saturday, February 27. Banjo master Olentangy John, harmony-happy five-piece Mississippi Man, and creaky-voiced folkster Amanda Jo Williams were originally scheduled to play Echo Park's L'Keg Gallery, but the all-ages space is currently closed following a small fire that took out portions of its roof and door. The artists, however, are determined to press on.

In fact, they've even made a four-minute movie inspired by the old murder ballad "Henry Lee," originally by West Virginia folk legend Dick Justice, in honor of their predicament:

Find out how you can help (and download free MP3s) after the jump.

From boutique L.A. public relations group Enjoy Press:

"Can you help find them a place to play? Venue, gallery, a canoe, a field, even a fan's kitchen could make a suitable location. Or a mansion. In the spirit of making lemonade from lemons, we hope to turn this into something special.

People can contact with any ideas."

So if you've got a big house or a little boat, drop Karaoke Fever a line, dammit. And while you wait to hear back, listen to these free, take-home tunes.


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