Hitler Upset at Theft of his Jackson Guitars before Upcoming Gig (or the Copyright Police Can't Stop a Meme!)

Hitler has a crucial upcoming heavy metal gig, but his beloved Jacksons have been stolen and a replacement Fender just won't do (get him a fucking Gibson, at least, for chrissake):

One of the many videos the copyright police doesn't want you to watch.

Our colleague Karina Longworth is one of the people glad about the crackdown on the "Downfall parody" meme.

But as someone famously said, "First they came for the Downfall meme, and I didn't do shit. Then they came for Pedobear, and I didn't do shit either. Then "Mahir/I Kiss You" disappeared (no, seriously, whatever happened to him?). Then they came for us. Yeah, they really suck."


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