DJ Cheb i Sabbah
DJ Cheb i Sabbah

Help DJ Cheb i Sabbah in His Fight Against Stage 4 Cancer

DJ Cheb i Sabbah was one of the first DJs to spin records in Paris during the '60s, and fused Asian/Indian sounds with electronic beats during the '80s. Sadly, Sabbah has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. As with so many older musicians, he has no insurance. There is an online fundraising campaign going on right now, and we decided to repost our interview from last September with the legendary DJ, producer, and global spiritualist.

In the interview, Sabbah speaks on the evolution of music, and talks about his personal experiences of working with greats such as world renowned trumpet player, Don Cherry, and the obstacles of recording his world-famous Arab and Berber mixed tracks. Sabbah also shares his views on music as a "weapon."

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