Grizzly Bear make mustaches actually cool rather than ironically cool.

There is a point at which an ironic gesture is pulled off so convincingly that it transforms said ironic gesture into a overpowering stylistic shift which washes over the culture like an Indonesian tsunami.

Examples include Nirvana's combination of metal and sludgy punk rock; Paris Hilton's efforts to turn Edie Sedgwick-style, heiress careerism-slash-air-headedness into an authentic career; and whatever it is that Britney Spears does.

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What can I say but that the next time you see me, I will come bearing a mustache AND EVERYONE ELSE WILL BE BEARING MUSTACHES AS WELL.

(via BrooklynVegan)

After the jump, another sentence! Maybe even two!

Yes, of course they're fake. That's the point.


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