Go-Go's Tour is No-Go

Variety reports that the Go-Go's have canceled what was to be their farewell tour due to guitarist Jane Wiedling's hiking injury that resulted in knee-replacement surgery (insert old-age joke here, then please feel terrible about Jane's no-fun pain and the bad luck of the timing).

From Variety:

The bouncy '80s femme pop-punk quintet had planned to call it a day after the 12-date jaunt, which was scheduled to kick off July 7 at a Lilith tour date in San Diego and conclude July 27 in guitarist Kathy Valentine's hometown of Austin, Texas.

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On her official Facebook page, Wiedlin -- who announced the tour cancellation via Twitter late Wednesday night -- said she is scheduled for knee replacement surgery on June 16. It may take a year for her to recover from the procedure.

This is bad news for all the band-members, who were also using the tour to promote upcoming solo projects beyond the stage, like Belinda Carlisle's addiction memoir, or Wiedlin's own transformation into a sci-fi comics heroine.


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