Germans Fulfill Peaches' Weimar Fantasies by Banning Her Little Subversive Cabaret Act

Germans Fulfill Peaches' Weimar Fantasies by Banning Her Little Subversive Cabaret Act

Oh, Peaches! Why oh why do you insist trying to engage the Germans? Yeah, "Berlin in the 90s," cheap housing in East Berlin, weird theater, state sponsored art things, yadda yadda. You lived your Weimar/dada/Love Parade fantasies, you did that already.

Why did you have to go and attempt to do this (from the Guardian):

"To perform Jesus Christ Superstar as a one-woman-song is a crazy enterprise," Peaches admitted in her initial press release. Citing her teenage affection for the musical, the singer announced plans to sing the entire show, "from entering Jerusalem until the crucifixion", in performances from 25-27 March. Accompanied by pianist Chilly Gonzales, "Peaches will sing all roles including: Jesus, Maria Magdalena, the disciples and the pharisees," organisers said.

Right. The Germans are gonna let you do that. The GERMANS. Well, here's what happened next:

Peaches' "stripped-down" performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar has been "crucified before opening night", the electro-rapper declared yesterday. The concert, which was to take place at Berlin's Hebbel theatre, was cancelled after German rights-holders allegedly refused to license the songs.

More from the Guardian article:

Unfortunately, Sir Andrew's German colleagues were not enthusiastic. In a flurry of posts to Twitter, Peaches revealed that the musical's rights-holders had refused to grant her permission to use the material. "[They] claim that this project is of no interest to them due to its unconventional form," she wrote. "It's a shame that the authorities feel threatened by this fresh approach. I know a lot of people who really love the music and would appreciate this stripped-down solo performance. I have so much respect for the music and lyrics from the original score and this was my way of honouring that."


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