A photographic love letter to Gene Simmons and every rocker who ever worried about panty lines.
A photographic love letter to Gene Simmons and every rocker who ever worried about panty lines.
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Gene Simmons vs. the Meme Makers - Spoiler Alert: the Meme Makers Win

Ah, Gene Simmons -- the biggest asshole in rock 'n' roll history? Arguably. We'll always remember him fondly for his uncomfortably misogynistic interview with public radio's Terry Gross on Fresh Air.

It was only a mater of time before this L.A.-area resident put the wrong side of the douchebag in his mouth and sucked out the sweet vinegar, and that time came this week when he lambasted file sharers ("Sue everybody. Take their homes, their cars.") then had his site taken down by hackers.

In celebration, Meme Generator is allowing you put your favorite caption to a photo of Simmons' glam-bam band Kiss in full-on "dress like a hooker day" costume (it's that time of year). Sure, the usual antisemite jerkoffs and homophobes got in there too, but some of the entries are kinda awesome.

Here are our faves:

Kiss is the original ICP, if Insane Clown Posse was a group of hard-rocking trannies with Dancing With The Stars-worthy figures. No, one ICP member could knock all four of these rockettes off their heels.

Kiss member Ace Frehley died didn't he? Just like that Gene Simmons reality show? No? Darn.

Best facial art since Peter North. Don't share it. Pay for it, then enjoy in a dark room by yourself (cause that's how your life will be anyway if you still listen to Kiss).

Listen up, skinny, waif-like young man: Being an outlaw rock 'n' roller isn't just about tight pants, small-waisted men and Mandingo tongue. It's about following the rules and making sure rich 61-year-olds get they paper.

You made it this far. We had to reward you. Because hot-red lipstick and tongues long enough to tickle Dirk Diggler's balls are only good for one thing: That's right, heavy metal face rape.


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