How do you say "Wet T-Shirt Contest" in German?
How do you say "Wet T-Shirt Contest" in German?

French President's Wife (and Indie Chanteuse) Carla Bruni Talks Dirty in Several Languages

(Via Vanity Fair) Today's viral video has a distinct European flavor: some enterprising VHS hoarder cultural researcher has tracked down a 1996 video of a pre-"I'm the wife of the fucking President of the French Republic" Carla Bruni, back when she was just a stick-figure model who liked to go to amazing polysexual talk shows.

Bruni, who also reinvented herself as a kind of folky chanteuse -- check out her French albums, 2007's No Promises, or her song on the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack -- reads some dirty stuff in several languages in her sultry voice, including the German for "You make me horny" and the Spanish for "I like your tits" (domingas? who calls tits domingas?)

Most awesome of all: Madonna's costumer Jean-Paul Gaultier is one of the hosts and the show was called Eurotrash (no, really). Screw "Coco"--someone please give Gaultier a network talk show in the States now! The world needs more flamboyant designers in pink jogging suits and socially-climbing indie-singer/fashion-models who talk dirty multiligually.

Wanna see the WTFness?:


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