"Freedom Song": The Heartwarming Story of a Tune's Journey from Post-Katrina New Orleans Children, to Jason Mraz's Car Stereo, to Helping Free Modern-Day African Slaves

Urban Nomad, the gregarious Jeremiah Alexis, will be shooting exclusive video for LA Weekly. Make sure you check out the previous installments here.

The Urban Nomad presents Song Trek, the story of how one song can truly affect the world, featuring Jason Mraz, Luc and the Lovingtons, and Free the Slaves.

"Freedom Song" was born in the midst of disaster. Written by Luc Reynaud and several children at a shelter in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. "Freedom Song" was eventually recorded in a studio by the children and Luc and the Lovingtons. From there it caught the attention of many, including noted musician Jason Mraz, who introduced the song to an organization called Free the Slaves.

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"Freedom Song" traversed the world, finding its way to a village in Ghana. There, former child slaves find a way to release themselves through song, from the mental bondage that remains, even after their rescue by Free the Slaves:

[Check out a complete performance of "Freedom Song" by Jason Mraz, shot by YouTube's BrendanDrum:]


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