The gang's all here.
The gang's all here.

Free Music: DJ Rap (Metasyn) Remixes Crystal Method's 'Sine Language' Featuring LMFAO

L.A.-born big beat kings Crystal Method are doing a hometown set at the Avalon on Friday night and West Coast Sound has got a an exclusive remix of their latest single in honor of the occasion.

In its original iteration, "Sine Language" is a moody, synthesizer-driven 6-minute slab of heavy electro that sounds as like it should be the theme for the next Speed Racer movie -- minus, perhaps, LMFAO's lyrics about drinking like "vatos" and, erm, "dingaleedongs."

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For this version, which appears on the extended "Sine Language" single/EP out now on iTunes, U.K. legend DJ Rap adopts her new Metasyn moniker to morph the song into compact but thoroughly seething jacked-up house track.

Do what the widget tells you and it'll give up the jam:


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