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Fool's Gold
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Fool's Gold Release Micachu & the Shapes Remix of "Surprise Hotel" (MP3)

If you've been around the LA music scene in the last year, you maybe have seen, or at least heard of Fool's Gold, the seven-piece cultural stew that mixes West African and Isreali pop (vocalist/bassist Luke Top sings in Hebrew) with universal rhythms. They've done their residencies, built a buzz, constructed a sound, and are introducing it to the world via their forthcoming selt-titled debut, to be released September 25 on the consistently surprising IAMSOUND label. The band has release its first single, "Surprise Hotel," to begin the conversation, and have now offered the first remix, by British electronic pop team Micachu and the Shapes. You gotta check this theme and variation out.

Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel (MP3)

Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel (Micachu & the Shapes Remix) (MP3)

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