Five More Girls Who Look Like Skrillex

See also our original post: Top Five Girls Who Look Like Skrillex

Skrillex is back in town for a six night performance run. Here's our review of his show at Cinespace, and be sure to check out our cover story from a few months back, in which we embedded with the reluctant dubstep star and told his definitive story.

Still, our most popular piece on the guy was our Top Five Girls Who Look Like Skrillex post. And so, back by popular demand -- culled from our favorite Tumblr site ever created, Girls That Look Like Skrillex -- here are five more girls who do, indeed, look like Skrillex.

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The Actual Skrillex
The Actual Skrillex
Star Foreman

People frequently come up and ask for a picture because they think she's Skrillex. She doesn't want to hurt their feelings so she doesn't tell them, but it doesn't really matter because it still fools everyone on eBay.

She loses points for not having the side of her head shaved but, hey, you couldn't ask for bigger glasses!

The bling is a nice touch. Oh, and the ability to duplicate herself into a mirror image is also neat. Unless that's her sister. In which case we're going to need to find a mop to clean up our exploded brain.

This dog DJed my bar mitzvah. Seriously.

Mystery solved! This is the real Skrillex. The guy born Sonny Moore is just someone who copied her look.

See also our original post: Top Five Girls Who Look Like Skrillex


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