Chich it!
Chich it!

First Listen: 'Roots of Chicha 2' Samples the Best of Psychedelic Peruvian Surf Cumbia

Can you ever really get too much psychedelic Peruvian surf cumbia in your life? The answer: Hell no! Luckily for all you chicha fans-- lovers of those reverbed-out, galloping rhythms from 1970's Peru, named for the Incan fermented drink--Barbès Records will release Roots of Chicha 2 today.

A few months back we heard from chicha maestro Jose L. Carballo, who gave us a muscial tour of Chicha's roots: "They came out of, and identified with, the poor neighborhoods, the Pueblos Jovenes (the young towns) on the outskirts of Lima (Ciudad de Dios, Pamplona, Comas, Villa el Salvador, Independencia) and created a musical hybrid which mixed different musical styles (Cumbia, rock, salsa, huayno, guaracah, guajira, son montuno, boogaloo and even classical music)."

Want to hear it? For the next two weeks the nice folks at Barbès Records are streaming the first Roots of Chicha album and parts of the Roots of Chicha 2 album.

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Take a sip here:

The Roots Of Chicha 2 (Sampler) by pressjunkiepr

Here's the first album:

The Roots of Chicha (First Volume-Released in 2007) by pressjunkiepr


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