Fanatics! Your Soundtrack to September

Fanatics! Your Soundtrack to September


Fanatic! Another great night of music awaits you. Here we are, walking into September. It’s still very warm in a lot of places, so for many, it’s the inner autumn. I am in Los Angeles at the moment and it’s plenty warm.

As you can see, we are shamelessly flogging new Ty Segall, White Fence and J Mascis. We have a Pretty Things track at the top of hour 1 and the Bowie cover at the top of hour 2. I was just sent two comp. CDs of the Pretty Things and am looking forward to digging in, I have never heard many of their songs.

As for our show, I think we have assembled a nice couple of hours of tunes. In the LA heat, it is not easy to understand where fall weather should be taking me but hopefully, tonight’s gathering of sounds is to your liking. The tracks titles are below for your inspection.

Thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!!
–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. The Pretty Things – Rosalyn / Nuggets II

02. River City Tanlines - Gimme Whatever / All 7 inches plus 2 More

03. The Rolling Stones – Respectable / Some Girls

04. Mirah And Ginger - Oh September / Teenbeat 20

05. Chain & The Gang - Crime Don't Pay / Minimum Rock n Roll

06. J Mascis - Wide Awake / Tied to a Star

07. Eddie Cochran - C'mon Everybody / Best Of

08. The Clash – Clampdown / Clash on Broadway

09. Crime & The City Solution – Adventure / Room of Lights

10. Uton - A Chosen Mind / Psychic Archives Vol. 03

11. Ty Segall - It's Over / Manipulator

12. Crisis - On TV / Holocaust Hymns

13. White Fence - Goodbye Law / For the Recently Found Innocent

14. Ausmuteants - Hate This Town / Ausmuteants

15. Colour Haze - 2 7 / Los Sounds De Krauts - Westen – Suden

Hour 2

01. David Bowie – Rosalyn / Pin Ups

02. The Fall – Smile / Perverted By Language

03. Boozoo Chavis - Don't Worry About Boozoo / Boozoo Chavis

04. Family Fodder - Savoir Faire / More Great Hits

05. The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Hardest Walk / The Power Of Negative Thinking

06. Kemialliset Ystävät - Heikoimmista Tähdistä / Suurempi Pieni Palatsi

07. The Sounds - Charlie Chan / My Doo-Wop Collection Series Vol. 2

08. Alan Vega - Bring in the Year 2000 / Power On To Zero Hour

09. Jimi Hendrix - Can You See Me / Are You Experienced

10. Wire – Lowdown / Pink Flag

11. Manifesto - Different Day / Manifesto

12. One Last Wish - Break to Broken / 1986

13. The Warmers – Iwaay / The Warmers

14. The Evens - Architects Sleep / The Odds

15. High On Fire - Madness Of An Architect / De Vermis Mysteriis


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