Fanatics! Music to Unofficially Start Your Autumn

Fanatics! Music to Unofficially Start Your Autumn


Fanatics! I know that Autumn doesn’t officially start until the 22nd of next month and it could very well be that I still have a Pavlovian response to the end of the Labor Day and school starting but for me, the start of September is the end of summer. Doesn’t mean it won’t still be hot as a bastard for weeks to come.

Last week, we had a fair dose of Ty Segall. Lucky people in Los Angeles will have the opportunity for even more as the man is doing 28 – 31 at the Echo.

If somehow you get tired of seeing that night after night, you can also check out Sleep at the Troub on the 31st. I say you’re spoiled rotten for choice.

Tonight, as we go further on our musical journey, you will notice in hour two, we have a Derwood Andrews track right at the top. You might remember him from bands such as Generation X and Empire. The track we play tonight is part of a new batch of songs has just finished and was kind enough to send our way and I thought we should get a track on the show.

I hope you dig the tunes and get out to some of these live shows!

Drink deep and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry

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Hour 1

01. J Mascis – Stumble / Tied to a Star 3:30

02. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Thoughts About Night Now / Chambers 4:08

03. Minutemen – Afternoons / Bean Spill EP 1:30

04. Ty Segall - The Connection Man / Manipulator 2:17

05. The Dangermen - Supersonic Meltdown / Summer of Danger 3:57

06. Eddie Gale - Ghetto Summertime / Black Rhythm Happening 3:13

07. Sort Sol - Shapes of Summer / Fog Things 3:04

08. Rain – Rivers / La Vache Qui Rit 3:16

09. Al Eide - Summer Time / Rockintium 3:26

10. Wire - Two People In A Room / 154 2:11

11. Charlie Harper - Talk Is Cheap / Diminished Responsibility (cd extra track) 3:40

12. Iggy Pop – Tonight / Lust for Life 3:40

13. David Bowie - Look Back In Anger / Lodger 3:11

14. Suicide – Cheree / Suicide 3:42

Hour 2

01. Derwood Andrews – Coyote / new recording 2:52

02. Adverts - My Place / Punk Singles Collection 2:53

03. Dick Diver - Lonely Life / new single 3:19

04. Generation X – Untouchables / Kiss Me Deadly 3:38

05. Robert Johnson - Hell Hound on My Trail / Complete Recordings 2:37

06. Keiji Haino - ??????? / Watashi Dake 2:37

07. Birthday Party - Jennifer's Veil / Mutiny EP 4:58

08. The Fall - Can Can Summer / Imperial Wax Solvent 3:06

09. HTRK - Wet Dream / Psychic 9-5 Club 5:16

10. Boris - Taiyo No Baka / Noise 3:36

11. The Snakes - Glass Eyes / I Won’t Love You (till You’re More Like Me) 2:22

12. Rites of Spring - Drink Deep / End on End 4:56

13. John Lindaman - Microcosmic Orbit / Crowding the Octagon


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