Fanatics! German Music and People Singing About Germany



Fanatics! Another week, another chance to check out some great music. It's the best possible deal. In celebration of the fact that I am in Germany for the next few days at the Wacken Festival, I thought we should listen to some German music, bands playing in Germany and people singing about Germany.

I think the only band on here we have not enjoyed before would be Die Tödliche Doris. I don't have much of their stuff, some murky live cassettes from the 80's and a couple of compilation cuts. So far, what I've heard sounds cool though.

I hope you enjoyed last week's show. A lot of new stuff in that one. If you did not get a chance to check it out, hopefully you will catch up to it on archive at some point.

We will be back at it with all yall live next week.

Until then, enjoy the heat wave and STAY FANATIC!!!

See Henry's tracklist below

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Hour 1

01. Scorpions - Dark Lady / In Trance

02. David Bowie - Helden / Heroes

03. Christer Bladin - Wildkatze / The In-Kraut Vol. 2

04. Conet Project - German Lady / Conet Project

04. Conrad Schnitzler - Track 12 / Gelb

05. The Buttocks - BGS / single

06. Matador - Tote Stadt / Écoute

07. Carambolage - Das Mannlein / Carambolage

08. TV Smith - Stacheldrahtmann / Dangerous Playground

09. Einstürzende Neubauten - Zuckendes Fleisch / Kalte Sterne

10. Klaus Schulze - Windy Times / Timewind

11. The Birthday Party - The Friend Catcher (Berlin 7/1/82) / tape

12. Kraftwerk - Das Modell / Die Mensch Maschine

13. Ramones - It's a Long Way Back to Germany (UK b-side) / Rocket to Russia

14. Nena - Leuchtturm / 99 Luftballons

Hour 2

01. The Fall - Bremen Nacht Run Out / Beggar B-Sides

02. The Ruts - Staring at the Rude Boys (1-23-80 Hamburg) / tape

03. Suicide - 96 Tears (Hamburg 06-29-78) / tape

04. Nico - All Tomorrow's Parties (10-14-85 Frankfurt) / tape

05. CAN - When Darkness Comes / The Lost Tapes

06. Cosmic Jokers - Electronic News / Planeten Sit-In

07. The Beach Boys - In My Room (German) / Shut Down Vol. 2

08. Dee Dee King - German Kid / Standing in the Spotlight

09. Sex Pistols - Holidays In The Sun / Never Mind The Bollocks

10. Die Tödliche Doris & Die Gerry-Belz-Showband - Music For The Durchbruch-Modenschau (1984 Berlin) / Patchouli and Echoes

11. Lightnin' Hopkins - Going Back To Baden-Baden / Lightning, Joel & John Henry

12. Wolfgang Riechman - Wunderbar / Wunderbar


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