Exclusive Video: Urban Nomad at Rock the Bells, Ol Skool Edition featuring Performances and Interviews with Rakim, Supernatural, KRS-One's BDP and the Freestyle King

Urban Nomad, the gregarious Jeremiah Alexis, will be shooting exclusive video for LA Weekly. His first assignment: the legend-studded Rock the Bells hip-hop festival this past weekend.

The URBAN NOMAD @ Rock the Bells 2010, San Bernardino, CA

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Ol' Skool Edition

Follow The URBAN NOMAD backstage @ Rock the Bells 2010 for exclusive, on-the-scene interviews with Rakim and Supernatural. Also, see KRS-One's BDP The Bridge is Over, and watch the "Freestyle King" tear up the mic.

Check in tomorrow for The URBAN NOMAD @ Rock the Bells, Wu-Tang Edition, an LA Weekly exclusive.


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