20 Years of Boundary Breaking
20 Years of Boundary Breaking

Exclusive Lorn Download From Ninja Tune XX Box Set [MP3]

Twenty years ago, a small U.K. label introduced the world to new structures of electronic music built from the scaffolding of jazz. The label is Ninja Tune and two decades after its creation by Matt Black and Jonathan More (aka Cold Cut), the label has spawned offices in Los Angeles and Montreal, and their roster cuts a diverse swath that often defies genres. The label joins the handful of outfits whose name defines their musical phylum. Their artists sound like Ninja Tune. Through the rise of prominence of electronic music in the 90's to the solidifying of cultural relevance and near-mainstreaming throughout 2000's, the label supported avant turntabilsts, drum and bass pioneers, and purveyors of downbeat. The emergence of L.A.'s burgeoning beat scene would have never existed without Ninja Tune.

On Saturday, Ninja Tune takes over the Echo and Echoplex for Ninja Tune XX - 20th Anniversary Los Angeles Edition celebrating the recent release of the titanic Ninja Tune XX box set. The performances for the mind-bending party include: Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, DJ Food & DK, Toddla T & Serocee, Eskmo, DJ Kentaro, Ghostbeard, special guest Cut Chemist and visuals by Strangeloop.

Ninja Tune has graciously offered LA Weekly an exclusive track from the retrospective.

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Snatch up Lorn's track "Soft Room" and see some of Ninja Tune's greatest hits here:

Soft Room - Lorn by Drewtewksbury

Get tickets to Ninja Tune XX - 20th Anniversary Los Angeles Edition here


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