Elvis's Pills, up for sale: This bottle looks to have a few extras for the taking
Elvis's Pills, up for sale: This bottle looks to have a few extras for the taking
Julien's Auctions

Elvis Presley's Pills, Guns, Jewelry, and Nasal Douche For Sale: One-Stop Shopping at Dr. Nick's Auction (and Much, Much More!)

Oh man. We live for this kind of oddball memorabilia stuff. We're still reeling from the spring's totally memorable Michael Jackson non-auction that Julien's Auctions of Beverly Hills didn't have. It prompted us to make a mental note: Julien's Auctions does many rock & roll-centric auctions, and sometimes what they sell is pretty fantastic.

Elvis and the Doctor on the tarmac.
Elvis and the Doctor on the tarmac.
Julien's Auctions

To wit: As music history buffs and old people may know, the name Dr. George Nichopoulos recalls the days after Elvis Presley's sad and horrifying death in 1977. It was "Dr. Nick" who became known after the King's toxicology report was released as the kind doctor who prescribed the King virtual troughs of pills, liquids, inhalants and douches of many different varieties. It was "Dr. Nick," as he was known, pictured above in background carrying his medicine bag, who "helped" Presley.

According to Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley, the second book of Peter Guralnick's definitive two-part biography, a pathology report taken after Elvis' death detected "fourteen drugs in his systerm, ten in significant quantity. Codeine appeared at ten times the therapeutic level, methaqualone (Quaalude) in an arguably toxic amount, three other drugs appeared to be on the borderline of toxicity," one of which, Dilaudad, Elvis ingested in quantities large enough to kill a horse.

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Presley, ever the gracious Southern boy, returned Dr. Nick's generosity by gifting his kind doctor some pretty fantastic objects.

Dr. Nick's Elvis Presley holdings are being auctioned by Julien's on June 26-27 in Las Vegas. Needless to say, West Coast Sound is intrigued, and tracked down the catalog. As you'll see below, it's a pretty wild assortment of King-related insanity. Guns, diamonds, drugs, stuffed animals. But that's not all! Julien's has added a lot of booty from other collections into the mix, including a few doozies highlighted below.

Real life pill bottles, prescribed to Elvis Presley. Bonus: you get a few of the actual pills, and maybe get a little closer to Elvis himself if you take them.

Description: Original prescription bottle for Vicon-C, prescribed on '8/15/77,' to Elvis Presley. Vicon-C is a vitamin B complex used to treat vitamin deficiency. This prescription is dated one day before Elvis' death.

Estimated Winning Bid: $800 - $1200

Dr. Nick's medicine bag: Is this what killed the king?
Dr. Nick's medicine bag: Is this what killed the king?
Julien's Auctions

The very same leather doctor's bag pictured in the airport action-shot above is for sale. Play doctor and nurse the King. Tend to his bruises. Ignore the Hippocratic Oath while you scribble away prescriptions for pills you've never heard of.

Description: Black doctor's bag with label that reads, 'Emdee by Schell,' flat bottom, double handle, latch in disrepair. Used by 'Dr. Nick' for making house calls to Graceland and while on tour with Elvis. Dr. Nick would provide care to all of the crew while on tour.

Estimated Winning Bid: $4000 -$6000

Dr. Nick was a high-flying, jet-setting physician whose central mission was simple, and best expressed via the diamond pendant pictured above. His business was prescribing pills, and he took that job very seriously.

Description: Designed as a chain suspending a diamond 'TCB' above a thunderbolt, set with thirty-two full-cut round diamonds totaling 1.00ct., and graded H-J color and VS-SI clarity. The necklace weighs 17.9gms, and is 25 inches long. The necklace was given to Dr. Nick by Elvis, who personally placed it around his neck.

Estimated Winning Bid: $20,000 - $40,000

Dr. Nick was found innocent of any wrongdoing in Elvis Presley's death. And he had the framed newspapers to prove it.

Description: Framed copies of newspaper articles exonerating Dr. Nick in the death of Elvis Presley from Dr. Nichopoulos' personal collection. Dr. Nick states that the prescriptions he provided to Elvis were not left available for Elvis, but were administered by Dr. Nick himself or a nurse. During the trial, Dr. Nick was hounded by the press which greatly impacted him and his family.

Estimated Winning Bid: $400 - $600

Elvis Presley's Nasal Douche: Entering the realm of the surreal
Elvis Presley's Nasal Douche: Entering the realm of the surreal
Julien's Auctions

This "nasal douche," a term which hopefully will somehow enter the slang lexicon in the coming weeks and months, was used to irrigate the King's sinuses when they got clogged. Poor Elvis. All that trouble and a stuffy nose, too. (Note: nasal douches look to have a duel purpose as a little glass bong.)


Description: Glass nasal douche used before each concert to irrigate Elvis' sinuses with a mixture of warm salt water. The design allowed Elvis more control of the salt water entering his sinuses. Not only did it assist his sinuses but it also improved the health of his throat.

Estimated Winning Bid: $1000 - $2000

Dr. Nick's Walther PPK: Back the fuck up, motherfuckers. I'm Elvis's doctor! Where's the King?
Dr. Nick's Walther PPK: Back the fuck up, motherfuckers. I'm Elvis's doctor! Where's the King?
Julien's Auctions

"Back the fuck up, motherfuckers and drop to the floor! I'm Elvis's doctor! Where's the King? I SAID BACK UP. The King needs Dilaudad NOW."

Description: Walther PPK/S , #157118S, .380 caliber, blued finish with black plastic checkered grips. Pistol is in good condition overall, with minor pitting on the left side of the frame and finish loss on the bottom leading edge of the frame. Bore is good, showing light pitting. Grips are in very good condition with slight scratches but no chips or cracks. One magazine is included, imported by Interarms. This was Dr. Nick's favorite gun that Elvis gave him. Due to its small size it could easily fit in his doctor's bag.

Estimated Winning Bid: $4000 - $6000

No, these are not Elvis's candle sticks, because he was a good Christian boy. These are Ozzy's. Stick a few evil candles in the former Black Sabbath singer's personal candlesticks and step back! It's like a hotline to Satan.

Description: Each with a baluster shaped column featuring a three cherubim surround, on tripod plinths with acanthus and floral decoration. Appeared in the foyer leading to the game room throughout the Osbourne reality television series.

Estimated Winning Bid: $2000 - $3000

What? Where did this come from?
What? Where did this come from?
Julien's Auctions

Looking for an item more tragic and melancholy than Elvis Presley's nasal douche? How about this: Karen Carpenter's diamond ring. Oh cruel life. Oh cruel marketplace. Have you no pity?

Provenance: This ring was given to Karen Carpenter's first cousin, Joan Pennisi, after Karen's death. Pennisi was raised from the age of one by Agnes and Harold Carpenter, Karen's parents. Pennisi gave this ring to her daughter who has consigned it to this sale.

Estimated Winning Bid: $8000 - $10,000

And then there's this graceful and elegant Bob Mackie piece designed for former Elvis co-star Ann-Margret.

Description: Original design sketch, pen and marker on paper by Bob Mackie, created for Ann-Margret. The costume that was implemented from this sketch was used by Ann-Margret in her 1977 television special 'Rhinestone Cowgirl.'

Estimated Winning Bid: $300 - $500

That's real puka, by the way. Surely Scott Stapp has a few hundred bucks for these rare, one of a kind gems. They accentuate a dark tan, but they're thick and tough, and not the least bit girlyish.

Description: White coral and turquoise necklace gifted to Dr. Nick by Elvis. Presley told Dr. Nick that he had worn the necklace while filming "Blue Hawaii" (Paramount Pictures, 1961). It was given to Dr. Nick while vacationing with Elvis and friends in Hawaii.

Estimated Winning Bid: $10,000 - $20,000


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