O.G. metalhead
O.G. metalhead
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East of the 5: Skull-shattering Metal Mayhem Mondays at Footsies

Believe it or not, Echopark and Silver Lake are not the Eastside. Gentrification has erroneously recalibrated the orientation of Los Angeles. The real Eastside lies past the 5 freeway and the L.A. River, where underground and established music venues thrive under the radar. This week, West Coast Sound goes eastward to investigate what lies on other side of the 5.

Metalheads have it tough. There are few places in L.A. to sip beers at a bar and listen to the awesome aural assault of double bass drums stabbing your earholes. At best you'll hear Motorhead (in Echo Park) or at worst, Disturbed (very prevalent in West L.A.), but never any Nordic Viking Metal nor New Jersey grindcore. Luckily, Metal Mondays at Footsies on N. Figueroa in Cypress Park offers a safe haven for metal enthusiasts. Expect Gothenberg's greatest hits, choice cuts of goregrind and guest DJs from metal bands and labels. No Crabcore allowed.

Sample this selection of annotated Gorecore. Perfect for karaoke!

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