Luna Is Honey (Athena Reddersen)
Luna Is Honey (Athena Reddersen)

Download: 'Claws' By Local Gaze-Pop Outfit Luna Is Honey

Luna Is Honey is a group of youngsters from Los Angeles making self described "sunny, morbid" music -- a description we'd have to agree with.

Take a song like "Claws" (which you can indeed take after the jump), where upbeat summery rhythms and familiar melodies are given the hazy, dazed shoegaze treatment, with a little bit of early '80s rock radio thrown in for good measure.

The band counts The Cure and My Bloody Valentine among its influences, as well as Elvis Costello, who's oddly channeled on Luna's cover of "I Would Die 4 U" by one of their other idols, Prince.

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Both songs are on the band's recently released Copy Cats EP.

DOWNLOAD: Luna Is Honey - "Claws" [MP3]


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