Tobacco, by Seven Fields of Aphelion
Tobacco, by Seven Fields of Aphelion

Download: Beck and Tobacco's "Fresh Hex," Forthcoming on Anticon

The hubbub has been building for the new Tobacco record ever since it was announced that Beck Hansen would appear on two tracks therein.

Maniac Meat, due out May 25 on L.A.'s own Anticon Records, is the second solo album from the erstwhile frontman of Black Moth Super Rainbow, and if you believe the press release, it's "designed to bully his previous works into a corner, gut them, and leave 'em for dead."

Early leak "Sweatmother" was promising indeed -- a cooly thumping work that punches up Tobacco's trademark synths-from-the-swamp sound with some bona fide boom-bap. But the track was brief, and offered no hints as to what Beck's involvement would be.

Would this be the ethereal, blues-based Beck? The fuzzy slacker? The rapping jokester? The vintage psych aficionado? Or the freaky funk-steeped flame with a food fetish?

Well, at long last, we find out. Listen for yourself.

DOWNLOAD: Tobacco featuring Beck - "Fresh Hex" [MP3]


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