David Lynch's New Single: It's A "Good Day Today" [MP3]

David Lynch's New Single: It's A "Good Day Today" [MP3]

David Lynch: visionary filmmaker and....pop star? Lynch just released two new singles on Sunday Best Recordings, the electro-pop "Good Day Today" and blues-y "I Know." While Lynch has worked on his own soundtracks and other music projects in the last few years, these tracks are quite a departure. What can we attribute the new sound to?

"Well, I love electricity so it sort of stands to reason that I would like electronics," he told The Guardian.

Totally logical, Mr. Lynch. He's been involved in music projects for years, working with composer Angelo Badalamenti on his soundtracks, collaborating on Sparklehorse/Danger Mouse's Dark Night of the Soul project, and recently signing Ariana Delawari to his own label and directing a promo video for her album Lion of Panjshir.

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"I was just sitting and these notes came and then I went down and started working with Dean [Hurley, his engineer] and then these few notes, 'I want to have a good day, today' came and the song was built around that," he said.

He's gearing up to release a full-length album at some point next year. For now, check out "Good Day Today" below:

Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds


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