Damian Lazarus and Co. Bring Their Rebel Rave Tour to Avalon on Saturday

In this week's print edition, we published an interview with DJ/Crosstown Rebels label chief Damian Lazarus, who's bringing his Rebel Rave tour to Avalon tomorrow night. Rather than double up our writing, here's the quick intro:

Damian Lazarus is sitting at the dining-room table of his Echo Park home trying to recover from a five-day touring blitz that he and his label mates at Crosstown Rebels have just finished. He's a bit worn down, but that's part of the deal. The next morning he leaves for Mexico for a few days, then on to more gigs with the Rebels crew as part of the Rebel Rave tour. The London-born Lazarus, who speaks with a smooth cockney accent, has quite the résumé. His first record-label gig was at the respected London Records imprint FFRR, where he worked alongside Pete Tong, with a roster that included, among others, Armand Van Helden and Asian Dub Foundation. From there, Lazarus and a partner started City Rockers. Their first release? Felix da Housecat's groundbreaking 2001 electro-house record Kittenz and Thee Glitz.

Over in Berlin, Kompakt and Perlon records were priming the world for the minimal techno sound, and Lazarus was trying find an angle that worked for the U.K. market. He was also beginning to make tracks himself, and was working it out at his London club, whose resident DJs were Erol Alkan, Soulwax and FC Kahuna. They needed a warm-up DJ. Lazarus stepped in.

This should be a great night of dancing. For a quick glimpse at other stuff Lazarus and company are up to, click through ...

Crosstown Rebels does an online video show that was recently picked up by Comcast, who will begin broadcasting installments on its cable channel in the near future. Here's the most recent episode, featuring influential NYC label Wolf + Lamb:

He also does a totally killer podcast, called Lazpod, which you can subscribe to via iTunes, Facebook and Twitter . Here's the tracklist for the most recent, from Dec. 2009.

# invasion vs shackleton - wizzards in dub pt.2 - less music

# n/a - fables & fairytales (deniz kurtel rmx) - crosstown rebels

# john lennon - remember - emi

# thom yorke - feeling pulled apart by horses

# dorothy ashby - afro-harping (carl craig rmx) - verve

# imogen heap - aha! - epic

# wndall j.yuponce - curb - hbo

# sugardaddy - love honey (greg wilson re-edit) - tirk

# lee jones - yoyo - city fox

# clapz II dogz - can't stand the rain

# the step one just plain folksingers - potatoes

# donae'o - riot music - myish

# freaks - umakenosense - crosstown rebels

# klimek - greed, mutation, betrayal - anticipate

# kraftwerk - titanium - emm

# la roux - in for the kill (skream rmx) - polydor

# rotary connection - i am the black gold of the sun - chess

Also on the bill tomorrow night are fellow Crosstown Rebels labelmates Deniz Curtel, Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler.

Here's Troxler's "Love Never Sleeps"

Here's Deniz Kurtel's remix of the Wolf + Lamb duo No Regular Play:

And here's Jamie Jones' massive hit from 2009, "Summertime":


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