Crabcore? Sigh.
Crabcore? Sigh.

Crabcore, Coke Rap, Screamo and More Super Embarrassing Genres of Music

As the Hypemachine, music blogs and Myspace (remember that?) have made access to music easier than ever, there has emerged a new burden placed on music journalists. Music fractionalization. No longer can bands or artists be placed into one genre box.

But that doesn't stop music writers and everyone with a blog from trying to coin new genres. The result? Stupid names for music.

As our recent investigation into Aquacrunkgate shows, these outlandish genre names have even begun to irritate the artists who have little choice about what they are called. So to give a little respect to our musician friends, we've conducted a scientific survey of music industry professional (aka my stuffed animals) about the five most embarrassing genre names in music today.

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Here they are:



Coke Rap


Canine Core

Ok, there's only one caninecore band. Caninus, the metal band with a pit bull "lead" "singer." But seriously, let's hope the bark stops here! Hey-ooooooo!


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