Before you put together your festival look, don't forget to buy those tickets.EXPAND
Before you put together your festival look, don't forget to buy those tickets.
Willie T.

Coachella Is Already Sold Out

Bad news, Beyoncé fans: Coachella 2017 has sold out. The 99,000-capacity festival took only about three hours to sell out all $399 general-admission passes for both weekends. That's not record time — the 2015 edition, headlined by Drake, Jack White and AC/DC, sold out in just 40 minutes — but it was fast enough to leave a lot of fans out in the cold.

Now for the good news: Tickets are already flooding the secondary market, and although you'll pay a premium to the resellers, the prices aren't quite as gouge-y (yet) as they've been in recent years. Last we checked, a pair of GA passes for weekend one will set you back as little as $619, according to ticket-market aggregator TiqIQ (which, tellingly, groups Coachella in the category "Beyoncé tickets"). Weekend two tickets are even cheaper, starting at $534 — and, as we've noted in the past, many consider Coachella's second weekend to be the better of the two.

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If the thought of dropping more than $600 on a festival ticket makes you feel like Heath Ledger's Joker setting a pile of money on fire, just remember: People paid an average of $1,434.91 to see OutKast headline Coachella in 2014.


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