Coachella Adds The Orb, Murder City Devils, Etienne de Crecy and Others to the Bill

In its new web 'zine, Coachella Digital, the Coachella festival, which this morning confirmed that Amy Winehouse wouldn't be performing (surprise surprise, unfortunately), announced the addition of five new acts to the roster. None of them are U2, Pavement or the Smiths, nor are the Beatles yet resurrecting to salvage Saturday night, but it's still a nice little surprise.

This year's festival, which takes place April 17-19, will now include Devendra Banhart, the Orb, Chemical Bros., Murder City Devils and Etienne de Crecy. That brings us up to a total of 125 acts scheduled to appear on the polo field -- still two shy of last year's bill. Read into the tea leaves whatever you like.

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