Coachella 2011: Who Should Be the Headliner? Rumors Swirl around Arcade Fire, Daft Punk and ... Coldplay?

Rumors about who will be headlining Coachella 2011 pretty much started the moment the last harmonics stopped resonating at the Indio Polo Field last spring. With 2011 fast approaching, and Goldenvoice ticket layaway plan under way, the guessing game encouraged by the festival through its ever-active forum is coalescing around some names like Arcade Fire, Daft Punk and ... Coldplay?

Yes--Coldplay and Foo Fighters have been strong guesses by sleuthing fans who track the touring schedules of major bands hoping to figure out the likelihood of their playing at Coachella. Arcade Fire and current Tron-soundtrackers Daft Punk (who everyone knows put on a mean live show, especially for drug-takers) are two of the other names bandied about. Beastie Boys and (of course) Lady Gaga also resonate among the fans.

Who do you think SHOULD headline Coachella 2011? Who do you think WILL end up headlining Coachella 2011?

(Click here for dates.)


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