Charlie Gilmour, Son of Pink Floyd's Guitarist, Charged with Violent Disorder at Student Riot (and with Stealing a Mannequin's Leg)

While the children of American rock stars wallow in decadence and (repeatedly) try to get their own reality shows, British rock children are trying to become, as Mick Jagger once taught them, "street-fightin' men." Witness the exploits of young man Charlie Gilmour, long-haired son of Pink Floyd's (replacement) guitarist David Gilmour. According to the BBC, Charlie "has been charged with violent disorder during a protest against increased tuition fees in London." Oh, also, in what sounds like great subject matter for a long-lost Syd Barrett song, "Charlie Gilmour, 21, of Billinghurst, Sussex, is also accused of stealing a mannequin leg on 9 December":

We salute you Charlie Gilmour! Let's see Roger Waters' children pull off something this cool.

"Arnold Layne" would be proud of you:


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