Cee-Lo sez FU
Cee-Lo sez FU

Cee-Lo Now Selling "Fuck You!" T-Shirts, Rush-Releasing Digital Single

Cee-Lo Green is no fool.

After going mega-viral with a lyrics-only YouTube video for his song "Fuck You!," the Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley vocalist has now released the soul jam himself as a digital download through his website.

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Cee-lo is giving you two options: you can pay $1.29 if you're tired of hitting the YouTube play button over and over and want to own a legal digital file of "Fuck You!"

Or, you can pay $20 and you can get the file, plus in a couple of weeks Cee-lo will send you a neat t-shirt with which you can help him spread the message of "Fuck You!" to the world.

Oh, also, the name of of the censored version for radio airplay has been released:

It's "Forget You!"

(No "Forget You!" t-shirts have been announced, alas.)


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