an udated image of Buzz Goldman, Bret Michaels' longtime hairpiece
an udated image of Buzz Goldman, Bret Michaels' longtime hairpiece
photo courtesy of The Pantaloon

BREAKING: Bret Michaels' Hairpiece Breaks Silence, Gives Extended, Tell-All Interview

Website The Pantaloon has just published what it says is an exclusive interview with Poison lead singer and Rock of Love star Bret Michaels' hairpiece. The wig, whose name is Buzz Goldman, has a lot to say about the formative years of the pair's relationship. Here's a choice excerpt:

The Pantaloon: What's the truth then about how you two met?

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Buzz (sighing): We met in West Hollywood. I've got so many split ends now I can't remember the exact date. It was over twenty years ago, man.

The Pantaloon: Was it at a club on the Strip?

Buzz: No. I had a gig in a hair salon and in comes Bret Fucking Michaels. Cock of the walk and all that shit. A lot of people were falling all over him, but not me. I kind of hung back on a display shelf.

The Pantaloon: Did he have a full head of hair then?

Buzz (laughs): Sort of. He had long hair, but the top of his forehead was sorta like fuzz growing on a rotten melon. Nobody would tell him though. Except me. I said, "Bret, that Phil Collins 'doo won't do, man. You gotta accept that it's thinning."

(via The Daily Swarm)


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