The Boo-Yaa Counter
The Boo-Yaa Counter

Boo-Yaa Tribe Friday: A Shout-Out to So-Cal's Greatest Samoan-American Rappers

Here's one truth for a Friday: There is too little Boo-Yaa Tribe in this world. In an effort to remedy this absence, to bring recognition to Southern California's best-ever five-brother Samoan-American rap act, West Coast Sound offers you a little earworm for the weekend.

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We're not alone in wanting to track the Boo-Yaa Tribe. Check out the BEIGE Carnivore Home Module, aka the "Boo-yaa Counter," which in the heady days of the early '00s, was built by artist Cory Arcangel. What is it? "A stand alone wood-grain unit [that] plugs into any ethernet network and monitors all incoming and outgoing internet traffic on a local area network for the phrase 'boo-yaa tribe' [an early 90's hip-hop ensemble]. The 'BEIGE Carnivore Home Module' counts the number of times this phrase appears and displays the result on its television screen. This product is constructed entirely out of junk computers and Salvation Army found furniture."


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