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After Silver Lake saw its Sunset Junction hopes and dreams come crashing down last Wednesday, West Coast Sound examined the fallout this week. First question: Where's my damn refund? Well, it turns out that if you bought discounted tickets at the Silver Lake Farmer's market, or got your tix from Origami Vinyl you're good, but everyone else remains in the lurch.

Andrea Domanick examined how a host of folks suffered from the festival's collapse, including Charles Bradley and his band, a host of local businesses and vendors, and the London-based band Art Brut, who were promised a big payday and reimbursement for their expensive plane tickets, and, if they're not made whole, now fear bankruptcy.

But Sunset Junction wasn't the only topic that got folks hot and bothered; a certain short white girl from Oakland was quite successful on that front as well. After Shea Serrano dished Kreayshawn a series of backhanded compliments, Rebecca Haithcoat enthused about her show at the Roxy on Saturday, her first since "Gucci Gucci" blew up. (Although Haithcoat was even more impressed by the performance of Kreay's White Girl Mob accomplice V-Nasty, despite the fact that she's prone to dropping N-bombs.) In any case, things went promptly downhill for Kreay after that; on Sunday, her twitter was hacked, nude, underage photos of her were leaked, and she beefed with Rick Ross, a man with a lot more beef on him.

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The other big rap news was the release of Lil Wayne's long-delayed album Tha Carter IV, from which I (quite easily) plucked the 60 worst Weezy lines. Daniel Kohn also took the opportunity to tell his brother's story about encountering Wayne in New Orleans, pre-Katrina. They shared a drug dealer, it turns out, and Wayne got too high to leave the couch.

On the rock front, Paul Rogers spoke with the Descendents' Milo Aukerman ahead of FYF Fest tomorrow, and Javier Cabral encountered the most insane mosh pit imaginable at the Casualties show at House of Blues. On the sanity front, Henry Rollins spoke on the release from prison of the West Memphis Three.


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