Best Posts of the Week

Best Posts of the Week

This week Weekly staffers Chris Vogel and Simone Wilson broke revelations from the new book Murder Rap, in which former LAPD detective Greg Kading cites testimony implicating Suge Knight in the death of Biggie Smalls and Diddy in the murder of Tupac. On our sister blog The Informer, Wilson also brought you outtakes from the testimony of a central player in the Tupac investigation, Duane Keith "Keffe D" Davis, while Phillip Mlynar took Davis's canary song as an opportunity to look into five hip-hop snitching controversies.

But it wasn't all cops and robbers. We took a long look at Liz Phair's critically-maligned albums (and, let's be honest, a long look at Liz Phair) in Dan Weiss's column for our Fuck Guilty Pleasures series. Meanwhile, Rebecca Haithcoat was equally unapologetic in her admiration for unreformed punks Bleached, who performed at Los Globos on Tuesday. Just as punk? The time Joan Jett gave a guy a popsicle mostly made from pee, which Lainna Fader told us about.

Many folks got on our bad side this week. Shea Serrano is not a fan of the new Maroon 5 single, "Moves Like Jagger," so much so that he created scientific charts to show it sucks. Ali Trachta was even more annoyed with Lloyd's track "Dedication To My Ex," the unedited version, anyway, which is a bit too liberal with the p-bombs. I, meanwhile, let it be known my thoughts about folks who pirate music.

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Meanwhile, on the occasion of the Wiltern's 80th birthday, Fader recounted her very first steps as a baby, which were taken there. Linda Leseman brought us up to speed with Paul Stanley, who talked about the recently formed "KISS Navy." Lina Lecaro got Dave Navarro to spill on why he hates the press so damn much. Another highlight was Mlynar's chat with Stones Throw Records artist Vex Ruffin, who offered up his tips on how to get signed.

Oh, and as we learned from L-Boy, Jasper Dolphin saved a baby and some crackheads. So all remains right with the world.


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