Best of L.A. Music: ElectronicEXPAND
Courtesy of Spock

Best of L.A. Music: Electronic

Best Dubstep DJ/Producer
Whether you've been rocking out to his bass-heavy tunes this past year, or simply laughing along with him on Snapchat and Twitter, it's impossible to deny that Spock has had a huge year. The guy comes from a metal background and it shows; he knows how to make a tune build and build before it ferociously explodes. He vibe seems to be all about not taking himself too seriously, while taking his music deadly seriously. That's a potent combo, and it's working. —Brett Callwood

Best Techno DJ/Producer

Formerly known as Audio Injection, DJ/producer David Flores cleverly shortened his byname to Truncate in 2011. In techno circles, Flores is both a local legend and an international superstar. His prolific output of razor-sharp, masterfully-produced techno regularly finds its way into the sets of the genre's biggest DJs — Chris Liebing, Speedy J and Luke Slater, to name a few. Flores was a longtime associate of Droid Behavior and now promotes underground events (with Droid co-founder Moe Espinosa and visual artist Greg Sullivan) called, simply, Observe. Observe parties will take place in Detroit in May (during Movement) and in Chicago in June. —Matt Miner 

Best House DJ/Producer
Although he is originally from San Francisco, Martin Mendoza, aka Doc Martin, may be the quintessential Los Angeles DJ. Calling L.A. home for many years now, Mendoza is highly charismatic behind the decks and in person, and he is much beloved by the many devotees of his long-running Sublevel events. As a DJ and producer, his sound is constantly evolving but always rooted in house music. You can catch Mendoza at Paradise in the Park LA on Saturday, June 1 (at Grand Park, with Jamie Jones, Loco Dice and others). —Matt Miner

Koury Angelo/Courtesy SLANDER
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Best Bass Music
Los Angeles clubbers and lovers of EDM in general can't fail to have become familiar with the name SLANDER over the eight and a half years since they launched in 2010. The local project's name has become ever-present on L.A. bills. Meanwhile, the duo of Derek Andersen and Scott Land have been seeing their online followers grow at a dramatic rate. These are exciting times for SLANDER. —Brett Callwood 

Lovey DoveEXPAND
Lovey Dove
Liz Koskenmaki

Best Electro-Psych Band
The beauteous brain child of spouses Dan West and Azalia Snail, LoveyDove routinely dispenses such deftly wrought, painstakingly arranged and gorgeously executed songs that they qualify as nothing less than flabbergasting. It's a shimmering, shadowy methodology that flirts with disparate influences — bossa nova, Burt Bacharach, bubblegum — but it always remains anchored in the couple's own, very particular, approach to psych-infused romance. Yes, as the name implies, it's a relentlessy mushy examination of romance, but they pull it off with an exalted reverence and celebratory enthusiasm that's downright addictive. We love LoveyDove! —Jonny Whiteside

Alexander Ghislain

Best New Anti-Superclub
Raspoutine has already made its mark in Paris, Rome, Marrakesh and Monaco. Now, the high-end, anti-superclub has come to Los Angeles. With its lavish décor, the cabaret-like Raspoutine doesn't flat-out say it is a members-only club, but you have to know someone who knows someone to attend. The L.A. location keeps the Russian-themed aesthetic and chic French attitude of its European and African counterparts. It is all about texture and reflections with velvet, fur, leather, carpeting, and(!) Tempur-Pedic floors (heeled patrons, rejoice!), plus mirrors and disco balls. It's a dressed-up, grown-up crowd that Raspoutine is aiming to attract. One that is interested in experiencing deep house music through an on-point sound system courtesy of resident DJ Marco Peruzzi and celebrity favorite, Zen Freeman. You might even spot some actual celebrities, who have been staples at the Paris location since 1965. —Lily Moayeri

Most Promising New Boutique Festival
Southern California is overrun with festivals, but a quick look at what Dusk Camp has on offer Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19, and you realize there's room for one more. The brainchild of DJs Heidi Lawden, Jeniluv and Masha, this inclusive festival is not about predictable marquee names. Instead, the inaugural Dusk Camp turns the spotlight on local heroes from around the globe. Centered around one stage, be prepared to surrender to three days of camping and quality music with the sound system going silent only for a couple of hours each day. It's an all-VIP experience as you're welcome to roam around the festival site at La Jolla Indian Campground. Chill at the Moroccan Creek Lounge or turn your BYOB into a cocktail from Coco Lily or stop by the Dusk Café for a refreshing Joon Juice kombucha. But really, it's about the curated lineup with DJ Harvey, Galen, Solar, Massimiliano Pagliara and Lovefingers, among others. —Lily Moayeri

Electronic Duo With the Most Rock & Roll Approach
Forward, the house and techno duo of Trovarsi and Markman, came together to create a live electronic show with the same tenets as a rock & roll show: spontaneity, energy and surprises. The result of jamming on Ableton, Forward's live show preceded the release of any music, which is backwards for an electronic artist. The combination of pre-written clips and patterns combined with live playing and sequencing is dynamic, and the duo's clear enjoyment of the experience is utterly infectious. If you missed Forward during its monthly Push party showcasing live dance music or at Synthplex this past March, keep an eye out for its Madhouse appearances. As part of this DJ collective, Forward either performs as a duo or as individual members teaming up with other talent. Meanwhile, its remixes for label SLC-6 Music are a taste of what's to come from Forward's original material. —Lily Moayeri


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