Best Coast Releases New Video for Hipster Runoff's Carles to Make Fun Of

We've said it before: every time Best Coast does something we get a certain tingle just waiting to see what her/their nemesis, the mysterious Carles from the Hipster Runoff buzzblog, will say about it.

Best Coast seems like a band genetically engineered for Carles to mock, and his unique brand of faux-Aspergers philosophizing and questioning seems like the Platonic ideal of how to write about this confusing "buzzband."

Are the lyrics for reals?

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Is the posturing relevant?

Is Bethany Cosentino the Natasha Bedingfield of the recession years, her entire opus just waiting for this decade's debased version of The Hills to be created and scored? [UPDATE (from HR's comments): "ok yall have 2 admit something pretty embarrassing. here it is. I watch 90210 (I know... just... I know.) and in the latest episode this song was playing in the background.I know im totes a hypocrite for saying this.. but laaaaaaaaaaame!"]

[Is 90210 Reimagined using Best Coast music in an original 90210/Flaming Lips way (i.e., ironic, kinda), or has/have Best Coast ALREADY turned into Natasha Bedingfield, Maroon Fucking 5 or the "I smell sex and candy" dude ('member him?)?]

Anyhow, new Best Coast video, y'all:


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