That is one creepy Starbucks mascot.EXPAND
That is one creepy Starbucks mascot.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Best and Worst Halloween Costumes of 2014

Another Halloween has taken its last breath, leaving us in a zombie-like state of reflection. Before it all becomes a blur of ghouls, vamps, masks, makeup and "sexy" prefixes, it's time to take a tally of the costumed craziness that took over L.A. this year. We snapped a ton of really great get-ups (like the brand mascots above repping Starbucks, Captain Morgan, KFC and Morton's Salt). Others were not so great — and yet, sometimes it's the "bad" costumes that we love the most.

Here's our annual look at some of the best and worst costumes in the clubs and beyond. Really, everyone here deserves props for, well, their props, and the time put into grabbing our attention. In all, it was a killer year for dressing up.

The Best

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Medusa and victim.EXPAND
Medusa and victim.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Medusa & Statue
Couple costumes are always fun, but they're usually so obvious. Morticia and Gomez — check.  Batman and Catwoman — check check. We love the looks that require just little bit more thought. Medusa is always popular, but making your man turn to stone adds a brilliant twist, especially when the man is Jeffrey Damnit working the stoney glare and statue poses at Miss Kitty's. Damnit had just reigned over the Weho parade as Master of Ceremonies earlier that night and his lovely model gal pal Elizabeth Deo performed there too. Yep, these two "rocked" Halloween. 

After an hour of waving his arms, this probably didn't seem like such a great idea.EXPAND
After an hour of waving his arms, this probably didn't seem like such a great idea.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Windy Man
The ubiquitous car promo display makes for an eye-catching costume, but it's all about the flailing arms with this one. And this guy at KCRW's Masquerade flailed his so many times, we bet his arms were anything but animated the next day. 

Lizzie Borden, we presume?EXPAND
Lizzie Borden, we presume?
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Bloody Good Show
If you're gonna do blood and gore, go big or go home — or create a homey backdrop for the costumed carnage. Yes, at KCRW's Masqerade, these two were actually dancing in this massive contraption. Talk about blood on the dance floor. 

Mr. Crabs and friendEXPAND
Mr. Crabs and friend
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Cardboard Mr. Crabs
For a family event, cartoon characters are always a snapping success. This handmade Mr. Crabs from Spongebob Squarepants at the Micheltorena Pumpkin Fest, was, as apropos for character, so money.  

Guess which one wins.EXPAND
Guess which one wins.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Angel vs. Devil
The detail on this shoulder-ific costume was spot-on. The devil held tiny liquor bottles and a pic of a sexy dancer, the angel a simple harp. Judging from our convo with the guy and his presence at the St. Felix Halloween Bash (which featured sexy burlesque gals and copious cocktails), he listened to the guy on the right. 

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The Worst

Nope, not getting it.EXPAND
Nope, not getting it.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

PBS Art Guy Bob Ross
This is actually a well-executed costume, but Bobby Rodriguez (co-booker at Micheltorena's Pumpkin Fest) forgot one thing about his look: context. Most guys in Silver Lake look like this these days, beard, paints and all.

Hope he got lucky.EXPAND
Hope he got lucky.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Condom Man
When we asked this fella what he was and he told us "a condom," at Miss Kitty's on Halloween night, we had to tell him that it wasn't exactly reading that way in the dark club. He was more silver foil Pop Tart wrapper than Trojan Man. His reply: "Well, I only had 30 minutes to put it together after work!" But he may have had the last laugh: Dude got a lot of attention! So much so, his costume could have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This does not make us think of unicorns and rainbows.EXPAND
This does not make us think of unicorns and rainbows.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Unicorn Rider
We get the irony of a big, strong man rocking the girly-girl My Little Pony, unicorn and rainbows vibe. But that doesn't make it any less creepy. Then again, isn't that what Halloween is all about? 

Halloween T&A.EXPAND
Halloween T&A.
Photo by Lina Lecaro

Naked Lady
There's nothing wrong with looking sexy and Halloween sort of gives us permission to do so without judgment. No "slut shaming" here, sisters. Still, some girls do go a little too far, showing us things we don't necessarily want to see. This bushy/lumpy boobie look at KCRW's Masquerade doesn't fall into that category per se — it's a joke, obviously — but we still felt like telling her to put some clothes on. 

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