Fol Chen at The Echo
Fol Chen at The Echo

Baths Announced as Special Guest for Tuesday's Fol Chen Record Release Show at The Echo

Current L.A. Weekly feature artist Baths -- the Chatsworth-based rising electronic music star -- has just been added to the bill for tomorrow night's Fol Chen record release show.

Both acts drop new records on Tuesday -- Baths celebrated his Anticon debut, Cerulean, at the Troubadour with Daedelus over the weekend -- with Fol Chen's sophomore LP, Part II: The New December coming out on Asthmatic Kitty.

Already on the bill were Pizza! (who we caught at Aquarium Drunkard's Waved Out fest) and Random Patterns (who released a free album a week ago).

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Here's our Pick preview of the show (written before the Baths addition).

A few days ago, West Coast Sound shared the new Fol Chen single, "The Holograms." And a couple months before that, we posted Baths' remix of Fol Chen's "In Ruins," which features L.A. songstress Kárin Tatoyan on vocals.

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